We Bring Team Sports Communication to the Modern Age.

SignCircle was founded in 2021 with the goal of facilitating communication between players and teams and reducing disputes regarding player contracts.

As professional players, we found that contract statuses of both players and teams were often too obscured. Players had no idea which teams might have open positions, and teams didn’t know of all the available players. Especially in the early stages of careers players had to work really hard to get acknowledged by the teams.

Players are often expected to re-sign with their previous team. Teams often overlook many player options based on expectations or lack of information. Life situations tend to change and players may be prepared for challenges in new environments. We want to facilitate and accelerate the flow of information and at the same time develop team sports communication.

In addition to providing new tools for finding contracts, we want to offer players and teams the best contract consulting in Finland. We have gathered legal experts and professionals familiar with sport-specific challenges and stumbling blocks.

Contact Information:

SignCircle Oy
Postal address: Leinolankatu 58 B 3, 33580 Tampere, Finland
Phone: (+358) 040 576 1044
Business ID: 3191468-1

We Speak from Experience

SignCircle was founded by a group of athletes from Finnish volleyball scene who got tired of the old-fashioned ways of communication in team sports. We decided to put our heads together, and developed new way of finding and improving contracts.

Lets see if the volleyball community is ready to take a step towards modern age of communication.


Eetu Rantanen

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Sakari Mäkinen

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Head of Consulting

Tapio Toiviainen

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Customer Relations

Aleksi Mutka

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Head of Sales

Kasimir Vuorinen

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Jarno Jokihaara

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Our Consulting Experts:

In order to ensure the quality of our services for each of our clients even in the most difficult cases, we received the help of professionals of law as consulting assistance.


Nisse Huttunen

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Kaius Peltonen

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